Monday, July 19, 2004

Somebody at CIA made a typo...

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It seems that no news is good news lately.  In addition to the U.S. military posturing off the coast of China (Operation Summer Pulse ’04…sounds like a goddamn Jerry Bruckheimer production), my “main mang” Gee Dubs said today that the U.S. is investigating the possibility of a connection between the Iranian government and September 11.  Now, ordinarily this might be the point at which I would go off half-cocked about the Satan-worshipping neocon cabal embarking on another conspiracy in order to stick their collective dick into a new hornets’ nest.  Based on past performance, this could very well turn out to be true.  That, however, is quite far from being the worst thing about this announcement.  The possibility that there could be one of those actual, based-in-reality-type connections (unlike the one that seems to have turned out to exist between Iraq and al Qaeda) along these lines seems quite real to me.
According to a number of mainstream news sources (although I haven’t yet seen anything on FauxNews…strange…), the 9/11 Commission Report will have something to say about this possible connection.  Exactly what, well, that varies from news agency to news agency.  At the very least, the report reportedly offers evidence that many of the hijackers passed through Iran during the 11 months prior to the attacks.  Speculation as to what else might be posited or affirmed in the report ranges widely, with the most extreme claims alleging that Tehran knew some shit was about to go down prior to 9/11.  God forbid that is true.  If we find cause to believe that the government of Iran collaborated with, provided aid to, or even turned a blind eye toward al Qaeda in regard to the terrorist attacks on our nation, we are fucked.  If you don’t think the American public will support a war against Iran on these grounds, I encourage you to think harder.  We (and by “We,” I don’t mean me; I mean Congress and most citizens) supported the most recent Iraqi adventure on some fairly fucking tenuous connections.  And by tenuous, I of course mean nonexistent.  I believe that public opinion would demand a war if such a connection were to be made public.  Hopefully we’ll all be little more critical of claims made by the President and the intelligence community this time around, if it should come to that…
If the government of Iran collaborated with al Qaeda or had pre-knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, the possibilities are endless.  Even the most devout lefties among us, excluding the out-and-out pacifists, should be hard-pressed to oppose retaliatory measures against a foreign government that conspired to cause or allow an attack on US.  With our military spread as thinly as it is, we’d need to drastically scale back forces on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan (a move that would be disastrous and tragic), hope for a monumental influx of volunteers, or resurrect the draft.  Oh yeah, and Iran actually DOES have a nuclear program, whereas Iraq DID NOT.   I'll bet Wolftits and Rumnuts have big fat chubbies over this new twist.  Someone please tell me why this assessment is incorrect, because this is some of the scariest news I’ve heard in a while.  And THAT, my friends, is saying something.
P.S. - If the title of this post doesn't make sense to you, I am better than you, end of story.


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