Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Still at the Convention, Lookin Good

All i have to say is this. Barrack Obama is amazing, amazing, amazing. His speech was so good and so sincere. I was blown away. He is going places, its almost too bad he doenst have a republican chalenger so Barrack can tear that foolish mortal a new one.

My favorite line of his speech was when he said that his parents named him Barrack Obama and that its a testament to this nations progress that even though his name is so ethnic he is not automatically out of contention. I dont have the speech in front of me although i hear you can go to and check it out, especially go to that site if you missed his or clinton's speech altogether.

Ted Kennedy was, as always, a red-faced sack of awesome. I do enjoy the Kennedy family, except for that biatch Shriver and her Governator Hubby.

I think my favorite part of the convention is to watch all the people dancing (or making their bests attempts at what may be considered dancing). They are all so goofy and silly and they don't even care that theyre on TV. I mean, I know i cant dance, so i dont. But these people just rock out all the time and prance about off-tempo and inspite of the beat. It just shows you how much fun everyones having.

The Democrats are going to win. Theres no doubt about it. We're taking the WhiteHouse, and the Senate, and the House....maybe not the House. word up.


Blogger PenguinCookies said...

I just got your email, and I'm very glad it came because I forgot your URL and was hoping to come back regularly. I'm pretty new to blogger; I found you guys by basically scanning the "Recently Updated" page - it's an interesting title you have. If you're looking for readership, I can at least share your site with a few of my more politically-motivated friends.
That said, I'm very jealous of your proximity to the Democratic goings-on this week.

July 29, 2004 at 2:35 PM  
Blogger eigenwill said...

Then there's Eunice Kennedy, who just creeps me out.

July 31, 2004 at 5:41 PM  

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