Monday, July 26, 2004


Live from where the action is its your friendly neighborhood democrat in the thick of things in boston, baaahhston, or yankee hell. Let me tell you that i am 30 feet from the fleet center and in the press room amongst the writers of the washington post and ny times, as well as knight ridder and the dialy kos. its a good crowd indeed. I ran into Mr. Mclaughlin of the simillarly named Group and Jesse Jackson of Illinois and illegitmate fame. It fills my heart with imense joy to walk the streets and see nothing but KerryEdwards signs and buttons and thongs and diaphrams.....or something. I just watched Al Gore reanimate himself and cried becuase if he had half of the presence he just showed on stage in 2000, we would not have to have ranted and gnashed our teeth for the last four years. Its been a long and awful time dealing with the current admin and walking around boston and dealing with the capable and (dare i say it) organized DNC volunteers i can feel it my bones that we will see a change in the WhiteHouse. Thats all for now as i must go back to work. You may address me as Mr. Specialty Press Youth Coordinator Sir. WOOP!


Blogger eigenwill said...

Ah, so we have an embedded blogger! Excellent

I tuned in as Carter came on (missed Gore, sadly; I heard he was good)

A quick assessment --

Carter: Presented a clear foreign policy vision that put human rights and cooperation at the fore. Made some witty jabs at Bush (Kerry "showed up") without becoming unstatesmanlike. I especially liked the emphasis on the shared naval service. A-

Tubbs-Jones: Okay, but a little too theatrical and perhaps a little didactic. Wasn't really paying attention, to be honest. B

Tammy Baldwin: I thought she should be selling detergent. A little bit too Stepford wife (even if she is a lesbian!) B-

Menendez: Occasionally robotic and occasionally orotund, but otherwise fairly impressive. B+

Rev. Alston: Absolutely one of the best speeches of the lot. Preach on! Compelling account of Kerry's actions in Vietnam -- what a badass! A

Hillary -- Wasn't paying attention, because I was eagerly anticipating..

Bill -- With his oratorical skills he makes everyone else look amateurish. As witty as ever. Great way to end the day's proceedings. A+

More later...

July 26, 2004 at 9:25 PM  
Blogger eigenwill said...

Damn these 11 hour work days. I missed Barack!

July 27, 2004 at 8:36 PM  

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