Saturday, August 21, 2004

Please forgive the lack of posts....

I am assuming that none of us Bene Mahans are going to be able to post anything really meaningful before August 29th due to the process of moving back into college and such. So check back around then. thanks for your patience!


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Comments are nature's candy...!

Check out my homegirl Carrie's and EWs comment on my Carpetbagging post a few days ago. Theyre very good. Click Here !!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

The Travesty of the News Media

It's no wonder that the citizens of our nation are ignorantly detached from the political process--there is apathy among plain floks, because they are not inspired to be anything more than plain.

Todays's edition of the Akron Beacon Journal, my local newspaper, featured on the front page a large color picture of a scene from Athens with the imbedded words "Chariot races just what Olympics need", with the larger headline "Old-school event would be a big hit" below( ). A Becaon Journal staff writer expatitates for several paragraphs (continued on page A15) on his opinion that adding chariot races to the Olympic schedule would be, well, pretty cool. Now, I can't say I disagree with the man--as he points out, "[y]ou didn't see Charlton Heston doing the triple jump in Ben Hur"--but I thought a newspaper was supposed to, well, have news. Akron is a blue-collar town, and consequently many Akronites rely on the Beacon as their sole news source, their sole window into the world of domestic and international affairs. How are they supposed to have informed opinions of the world and take an active role in their democracy when they acclimated to a society that values wit over wisdom, individual citizens over citizenship, human interest over humanity?

I'm not saying we shouldn't care about the Olympics--indeed, it forms a part of the history of our civilization and is a hallmark achievement of the modern world in that so many sovereign nations can come together for the pursuit of excellence in the sphere of athletics. Granting that the opening ceremonies of the Olympics makes for important news, and even granting that it should be conferred the honor of being covered on the front page, what the Beacon panders to its subscribers has nothing to do with what the Olympics is all about.

I, a regular reader of the New York Times who for the month of August must, due to a short sojoun at home, deal with this rag that is delivered daily to my door, was appalled; my mother, who has read the Beacon all her life, while conceding my point that the article, strictly speaking, wasn't news, could not grasp the vehemence of my opposition: she knows no other type of journalism and so cannot adequately assess the quality of her news source. My mother, I should point out, is a college professor. She nonetheless is ignorant of much of what goes on in the world, not because she is apathetic, but rather because she is not presented with the facts in such as manner so as to rouse her to an active state of engagement.

I call on journalists everywhere to develop a sense of duty and adhere to higher standards of quality within their profession. News-that-isn't-news sells papers, but the newspaper business in our nation should not be a business without a moral conscience. And they wonder why nobody cares.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Carpetbagging Illinois

Is there anythinig more pathetic than the Illinois Republican Party's nomination of one Mr. Alan Keyes to run against Mighty Barrack Obama? Keyes is not from Illinois. Keyes is from Maryland. Keyes is a person who sees no hypocrisy in the fact that he accused Hillary Clinton of carpetbagging in her Senate run in New York. But that aside, what chance does this idiot have of winning?

I guess the plan is to get a black guy republican so that maybe, just maybe people will confuse the two....(they all look alike, right?)....and vote for the republican black guy. Also Keyes is a freaking idiot Uncle Tom who has blamed the black poor for their situation and has said that the federal income tax is unconstitutional. Sigh. GO BARRACK. GO OBAMA!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Two links.

I haven't much been paying attention to this round of terror-warnings, but post at Crooked Timber has piqued my interest.

Also, this is a great article by Adolf Gr├╝nbaum. I may post about either of these things later today, but please feel free to comment.

Pro-Genocide Rally in Syria?

I heard on NPR yesterday morning that there is (will be?) a government-backed demonstration in Syria's capital against international intervention to stop the genocide in Sudan, but I can't find any articles about it on the internet. Before I go on a rant about tribalism, does anyone have any information on this?

Monday, August 02, 2004

Some days.....

I mean i love politics. It's in my blood and it dominates my brain, my brow and my breath. Yet there are days when i read the news and i am so overcome with a puree of anguish, rage, nausea and depression that i can say nothing. Today is like that. So instead of give you my thoughts on articles or opions in general, i am linking a bunch of things everyone should read. If you're a Bush supporter, i honestly cannot fathom why (except for the obvious greedy bastard angle).

Read up:, Sibel Edmonds open letter to the 9/11 Commission. She was the FBI Translator i mentioned in my Top 5 post. Read it becuase if half of what she says here is true then its a specific list of whose head should roll while we wait for the alcohol rub on the backs of Ashcroft, Condi and Bush's necks before the chop., 27 criminal investigations into use of Iraq reconstruction funds, over 600 million was definetly spent illegally. It doesn't mention Halliburton, so its criminal spending other than by haliburton. word.

(if it seems that i link Common Dreams a lot, i do. But its not becuase i only read one news source, its becuase republishes articles, these links and most of teh links i use from their site basically gets around you, the reader, having to register with the newspapers that produce them.), skip the registering process by clicking on that link towards the bottom of the page. In a nut shell this article is proof that this administration is the most dangerous we've ever had. a nice quote from it is:

"In a significant shift of US policy, the Bush Administration has announced thatit will oppose provisions for inspections and verification as part of aninternational treaty to ban production of nuclear weapons materials...Arms control specialists said the change in the US position would greatly weaken any treaty and make it harder to prevent nuclear materials from falling into the hands of terrorists. They said the US move virtually killed a 10-year international effort to persuade countries such as India, Israel and Pakistan to accept some oversight of their nuclear production programs."

Nice, huh? Let us just give the Iranians moral support in refusing to open their nuclear facillities to inspectors... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH., Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst for 27 years writes about the idiocy of a Intel. Czar. But hey! It will look like we're doing something, right? Its only been 3 years!, July Surprise!!! Its amazing the shamlessness of these people. If you haven't registered with WashPost you should. But heres some relevant quotes of the article:

"Earlier this month, the New Republic reported that the Bush administration was putting pressure on Pakistan to arrest some major-league terrorists before the November election... the magazine quoted one unidentified Pakistani intelligence official as saying that a White House aide told the head of the spy agency last spring that "it would be best if the arrest or killing of [any] HVT [High-Value Target] were announced on twenty-six, twenty-seven, or twenty-eight July." Those just happened to be the first three days of the Democratic convention.

Um, guess what?

The AP has reported Thursday afternoon that "Pakistan has arrested a Tanzanian al Qaeda suspect wanted by the United States in the 1998 bombings at U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the interior minister said Friday. He said the suspect was cooperating and had given authorities 'very valuable' information."

The arrest was actually made Sunday, the AP reported from Islamabad. But the capture was announced Thursday. The bulletins hit the wires soon after 3 p.m., or about seven hours before John Kerry delivers his acceptance speech.


Obviously, I have no evidence that there's any connection between the timing of the arrest and the allegations made by the New Republic, which White House officials dismissed at the time. But the way the announcement was handled raises questions, to say the least. If you nabbed Ghailani on Sunday, why on earth would you wait until hours before Kerry's speech to tell the world - and open yourself up to charges of politicizing the war on terror?"

Ok so the entire article was an important quote. Sue me (note: if editors of the washingtonpost read this i do not infact want them to sue me)., So if youre an Arab-American, HOmeland Security has you on a list. How, you ask? They told US Census to give them a list of every Arab-American in the country. Thats not scary at all. OH yeah the FBI plans to interrogate you guys too. My skins way too brown for my liking.

Thats the next list by the way: "brown people and those with tans" list. Bring it on?,
d00d, i swear Bush cares about working class people. this article is obviously a case of a few bad apples....

sigh. the only ray of hope ive seen today is:

it gives Kerry a 289 to 232 victory based upon current polling data. Please, please, please let it be so.